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22 June, 2017

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Grow Empires is tile-matching game with simple and fun gameplay. Begin with primitive Stone Age village and make progress through following Ages. Raise an Army, Upgrade Units and Unlock new ones! Watch your progress on a City View. Gather resources, trade, use powerful abilities. Think ahead and plan your strategy before you run out of free land.


First ideas about the game developed in September 2016. At that time it was a very simple concept, until we added the whole idea of playing through ages. Now, instead medieval setting, there was 5 additional ones - ranging from Stone Age to Renaissance. Making it work all together was really a demanding task. Despite Age change each gamepiece had to look similar enough to be recognized as certain unit level. Similar shape, color scheme and function. lets take Second level Army unit - Militia - black clothes with red accent, fourth level - Shooters - strong blue outfit, wearing all sorts od ranged waepons - sling, bow, musket.


  • Fun and addictive gameplay, with a bit of strategic thinking! Match three similar tiles and they won't disappear like in other games, but will create higher level tile.
  • 6 fascinating Ages to explore and lead your people through. Visit calm vineyards of Ancient Greece, windy coast of Norse village,colorful Marketplace of Medieval city and many more.
  • 90 Units and Buildings to Unlock. Discover most reknown and archetypical warriors of all times. Hoplites, Vikings, Centurions, Winged Hussars - we have them all . Admire how your architecture change appearence with each new Era.
  • Panoramic City View. As you gain points your City View will update showing the steps of your progress. Each Age will lead you to another location. Witness houses and farms being built, crops harvested, military forts changing to lush cities. Shortly before you Era change, your people will raise monumental wonder - a Stonehenge, Roman Colisseum, Norse Drakkar.
  • Gather resources. Starting from level 4 your Tiles will produce goods - two kinds of them - coins and food. Use them well in the shop to buy whats necessary. Be careful though, prices will increase if you spent resources too much. Gems are other kind of resources, you can pick up randomly on gameboard. Use it for most powerfull abilities.
  • Special Abilities. Shuffle your deck, Undo bad moves, Bomb away unmatching units, finally use powerful Link ability to find ultimate missing piece.
  • Languages: English, Deutsch, Polski


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About Gloomroad

Gloomroad is a Polish independent gamedev studio created by Lukasz Jaskolski. It is focused on producing quality games.

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Grow Empires Credits

Lukasz Jaskolski
Artist, Game Designer


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